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Gigaset in the VAUND concept store in Hanover

12. October 2020 Published by Raphael Doerr

It’s not just since the coronavirus pandemic that online retail has become increasingly popular. The fact that bricks-and-mortar retail in its existing form is gradually losing its importance for consumers has been noticeable for quite some time. The switch from bricks-and-mortar to online retails is now forcing companies to rethink their sales strategies and, most importantly, to reshape traditional retailing. In collaboration with Sales (SDS) and Corporate Strategy (SID), three Gigaset product categories have been chosen to be showcased for six months in an innovative concept store in Hanover.

As part of their shopping experience in bricks-and-mortar stores, customers expect more convenience, good service, experiences and an appealing atmosphere. They want to discover and try out new products, and are looking in particular for personal interaction and advice. That’s exactly what the new VAUND concept store in Hanover’s pedestrian zone offers its customers. The aim is to re-create the consumer’s shopping experience.

Staff at the spacious concept store offer competent in-store advice for customers. The customers can try out the wide selection of premium products from a host of well-known brands in the fields of smart home, e-mobility, sport & health, home, gaming and tech gadgets such as Teufel, Sonos, Bosch or Melitta right in the store.

That gives them the opportunity to experience the brands before they buy, and the manufacturers can offer them high-quality, experience-oriented product presentations that would be inconceivable in conventional stores. Customer consultations at the VAUND store also serve as market research for Gigaset, since customer data is recorded during each consultation, and surveys carried out on the products and the shopping experience.

The positioning of the Gigaset products in the VAUND concept store should provide new insights into the modern purchasing behavior of consumers and highlight how the new sales concept is perceived. Through the collaboration with VAUND, Gigaset wants to place the focus on the customer’s needs and use this innovative concept to also address new customer groups in order to boost its brand awareness.

For this reason, it was important for Gigaset to choose more striking, high-quality products to showcase in the concept store.


Gigaset VAUND

The Gigaset fixed-line phones SL450HX in black, the CL690A SCB and the CL390 in blue and gray have been attractively presented for customers at the VAUND concept store in Hanover since October 1, 2020. In a second run, the Gigaset display at the VAUND store will probably be replaced from the start of December by the GS290 and GX290 smartphones and the new smartphone models. To complete the test series, various smart home products will follow from February.

“We’re excited to see what insights we will gain from this project”, says Antonia Stoiber, VP Sales Development & Strategy at Gigaset. “What is certain is that traditional retailing will change. It remains to be seen how much the coronavirus pandemic will continue to boost this trend. For Gigaset, it’s important to be ready within the sales strategy for all eventualities, whether it’s the decline in retailing or a new start in customer experience worlds.”

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