Volla Phone X – The rugged smartphone with an alternative operating system

19. August 2021 Published by Raphael Doerr

The start-up “Hallo Welt Systeme” from Remscheid only launched the first Volla Phone with its own developed operating system Volla OS in February 2021. Gigaset already acted as a proud hardware partner for this project. Now the start-up is launching a next product – the Volla Phone X. Hallo Welt Systeme and Gigaset have also teamed up on this project to produce the first robust smartphone with an alternative operating system.

With the Volla Phone X, Hallo Welt Systeme addresses users who have particularly high demands on resistance, be it for sport, leisure or at work. Craftsmen, the construction industry, production companies or emergency services, for example, benefit particularly from this. The new operating concept and the consistent data protection of the company’s own operating system Volla OS also make the second product of the young start-up a real alternative to smartphones with conventional operating systems. In addition, the hardware is “Made in Germany” and has an IP68-certified, reinforced, robust and splash-proof casing with an aluminium frame and an extremely powerful 6200 mAh battery which can last for several days without recharging.

The Volla OS operating system is based on an open source Android system (Android Open Source Project). It differs from other systems because it eliminates everything that distracts users. After unlocking the device, the user immediately gets to the so-called “springboard” of the system, which is equipped with an intelligent text field. Already during text input, the Volla Phone guesses the user’s intention and suggests suitable actions. For example: call someone, send a message or record a note.

Frequently used actions can be called up via the “springboard” with a single gesture, without having to start the appropriate app first. This also includes automatic compilations of people, messages and news with a special preparation of the articles for better readability. A classic overview of the installed apps is also available with a practical filter function.

“We need de-digitisation in all areas of life. It is important to us that our customers spend less time with apps and can decide for themselves with whom and when they share which information and data. In this way, we give them back a piece of freedom without them having to forego the typical comfort of a smartphone,” says Dr Jörg Wurzer, founder of Hallo Welt Systeme.

Consistent data protection

The Volla Phone X can be used without a Google, Apple or other user account and therefore also independently of the cloud. It has a pre-installed (optional) VPN from Hide.me and works without logging activities. And yet the Volla OS operating system is compatible with most Android apps that do not require Google Play services. This way, users can protect their privacy while continuing to use important apps. Alternatively, the Volla Phone X is also available with the mobile Linux operating system Ubuntu Touch.

“For us, the focus is on consistent privacy protection without dependence on a cloud. With our alternative operating system Volla OS, we offer a new user experience – away from confusing and many apps, towards simple and immediate operation. Less complex, instead minimalistic, intelligent,” explains Dr Jörg Wurzer.


  • Coffee Craig 02.09.2021

    Is the Volla Phone X made in Germany? It seems to be based on the GX290 (or GX290 plus) which don’t say they are made in Germany.

    • Jana Greyling 15.09.2021


      thank you for your question. Our smartphones GS290, GS195LS, GS4 and GS4 senior are “Made in Germany”.

      Kind regards

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