Want to make a business call? Ideally for a set date and time!

8. October 2019 Published by Raphael Doerr

Just about every meeting is scheduled in advance. Unfortunately, that’s not true of all phone calls. Most of us prefer to keep on calling the person we want to talk with until we get through. After all, even though around 26 million people in Germany feel it’s important to be able to be contacted at all times, something occasionally gets in the way – unforeseen engagements, illness or you’re in an area where reception is poor. Here are our ultimate tips for efficient phone calls:

Make an appointment

Arrange a time for the call with the person you wish to talk with. Define a reasonable time frame for it and best of all send a diary entry with your phone number to the other person right afterwards. That ensures nothing gets in the way, no one forgets the call and everyone has the contact details at hand quickly.

Prepare for the call

Draw up an agenda and outline the content of the call. If you share that preparation with the person you’re going to call, viewpoints and expectations can be clearly formulated beforehand. In the best case scenario, you can achieve results faster and there’s no need for follow-up calls. One good recommendation is also to share the main results or agreements from the call in writing afterwards.

Take time

If you arrange a time for the call, you can be sure that you and the other person are available then and are prepared for the content. Don’t work on other things right up to the last second, but attune yourself to the topic to be discussed for two to three minutes. Structure the conversation and use the agreed time frame to the full. A phone call isn’t a race. Listen to the other person and adopt their pace.


Incidentally: The landline network still offers the best voice quality. Thanks to state-of-the-art IP telephony, technologies like noise cancellation or echo suppression ensure the very highest voice quality. And you can also make calls without using your hands thanks to the handsfree feature on Gigaset’s phones. That means you can make notes conveniently and focus fully on the call. One particularly innovative and recent boon for that is the Gigaset smart speaker L800HX. It’s a voice-controlled handsfree phone with Amazon Alexa integrated – so you don’t even have to use your hands to dial a number. The Gigaset smart speaker has already captured the Plus X Award and not only picked up the seals of approval for High Quality, Design, Ease of Use and Functionality, but was also voted Best Product of 2019 in its class.


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