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WELT awards Gigaset for high innovative strength

23. March 2021 Published by Raphael Doerr

A recently published study by the analysis institute ServiceValue and the news channel WELT investigated which companies stand out for their particularly high innovative strength. After evaluating the results, a ranking was drawn up for each industry studied. Gigaset was distinguished in this survey as a company with “high innovative strength” in the telecommunications sector.

As part of the survey on companies with high innovative strength, a total of 220,000 managers evaluated 2,337 German companies from 177 different industries. Even though “innovative strength” is a difficult value to measure, the participants in the survey nevertheless made a clear decision and placed Gigaset among the nine most innovative companies in the telecommunications sector with an average score of 2.60.

“This is a very pleasing result for us,” says Ralf Lueb, VP Sales at Gigaset. “We place a lot of emphasis on innovation and transformation in all areas of the company. For around three years, we have already been producing various smartphones using the Industry 4.0 manufacturing method, which allows us to manufacture effectively and at the highest quality level in Germany. Sometimes, however, it is also the small steps that contribute to change. Our product packaging consists of around 90% recycled material. We strive to use less plastic and to produce in a resource-saving way. These are all important points that position Gigaset as a key partner for retailers and customers and demonstrate our innovative strength in many areas. We are very pleased that our efforts are being recognised.”

The interviewees, who say they are entrusted with leadership responsibility in their profession, occupy the dual role of consumers and at the same time stakeholders in the economy. Thus, due to their “double” background knowledge and experience, they have an idea of which companies show increased innovative strength in the market. The survey of the participants was self-initiated and without the involvement of the companies studied. The survey data was collected online and the participants were asked the following specific question:

“To what extent can you agree from your own information and experience that strategies and concepts of the respective company management lead to a high level of innovation internally (company-related) and / or externally (market-related)?”

The respondents were able to indicate their assessment of the innovative strength of the companies on a five-point response scale: (1) “fully agree”, (2) “agree”, (3) “tend to agree”, (4) “tend not to agree”, (5) “do not agree”, “cannot assess” (not relevant for assessment).

After the survey, an empirical mean value was recorded for each company. If the mean value of a company within its respective industry is lower (= better) than the mean value of the entire industry, the company is considered to have a “high innovative strength”.

Gigaset received a mean score of 2.60 after the evaluation of the study. Gigaset was also named the most innovative company in the telecommunications sector in 2020 by WELT and the ServiceValue Institute.

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