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Accolade from WELT: Business customers very satisfied with Gigaset

4. January 2022 Published by Raphael Doerr

It’s not only private individuals who are customers. In particular, our products really have to show what they can do in everyday professional life – in harsh workshop conditions, sanitized environments in doctor’s offices and hospitals, or in permanent operation in a modern office. In cooperation with WELT TV, ServiceValue investigated how satisfied business customers are with various vendors as part of their study “Customer Satisfaction in B2B” (Germany only). Gigaset captured second place in the category “Telecommunications” in the study and was rated as delivering “very high customer satisfaction.”

This is now the second study by WELT TV on customer satisfaction in the B2B arena. Business to business (B2B) denotes communication and business relationships between two companies. The news channel gathered and analyzed the verdicts of a total of 484 companies/providers from 40 industries. The degree of customer satisfaction was determined by means of a survey in an online access panel. The respondents were asked to state how satisfied they were with companies and providers they have contact with as part of their professional activities by answering the following question about their experience:

“Do you have contact in your professional activity with service providers, retailers or producers in the business-to-business arena, either as a decision-maker, buyer or user at your company? Then we ask you to state your overall satisfaction with the company in question on the basis of your expectations, experience and information.”

The persons surveyed from the target companies were able to choose from a scale of seven responses to voice their degree of overall (dis)satisfaction with the products and services of the providers:

  • Extremely satisfied (1)
  • Very satisfied (2)
  • Satisfied (3)
  • Pretty satisfied (4)
  • Pretty dissatisfied (5)
  • Dissatisfied (6)
  • Very dissatisfied (7)

On the basis of this scale, an average figure was determined for each assessed company and used to rank all the companies within an industry. Analysis of the results attested that Gigaset Professional delivers “very high customer satisfaction” in the category “Telecommunications” and it thus captured second spot in this category.

“That’s a very gratifying result for Gigaset Professional,” says Andreas Merker, SVP Quality & Service Assurance at Gigaset. “We feel it very important to have a good relationship with customers. The structures in B2B business are more complex and so it’s not always easy to satisfy business customers. We’re all the more delighted to be seen in such a positive light by them.”

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