Wertheim Cologne: tailored communication in the coworking space

25. November 2019 Published by Raphael Doerr

“Because it’s your business.” Those are the words with which Gigaset underscores its mission to assist small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in establishing an ideal telecommunications solution. Gigaset has operated in the professional telecommunications market with its PRO portfolio of desktop phones, handsets and single- and multi-cell systems since 2012. A new success story from Cologne demonstrates how flexibly Gigaset’s offering can be used, even in challenging environments and in collaboration with partners and third parties.

The venue: Wertheim Cologne

The success story was achieved in cooperation with the PBX manufacturer Dalason. Dalason has been a longstanding partner of Gigaset in the professional arena with its Wirecloud PBX. This specific project involved equipping Wertheim Cologne, a business coworking space, conference center and event location.


Wertheim Cologne

Wertheim Cologne

Wertheim Cologne is a feast for the eyes for people booking the building for events, conference or to work. Located in an old building whose architecture boasts solid walls and high ceilings, the entire work area extends over seven floors. It also has large glass façades that give it an open, translucent and bright touch.

That may well be a real eye-catcher that invites users to work and tarry awhile – but it’s a horror for the IT and telecommunications infrastructure in the background. Dalason and Gigaset faced the task of equipping this old building, with its solid walls that reduce the strength of signals, with a holistic communications solution.

Since Wertheim Cologne is a coworking space, the operator ordered the Wirecloud PBX in order to ensure a flexible phone system with simple onboarding and offboarding and fast logging on and off of individual handsets, including the related user accounts.

The occupants of the around 40 workspaces at Wertheim Cologne may change on a daily basis. That also means the communications equipment faces a key challenge at another level: The handsets must be resistant to disinfectant so that they comply with hygiene requirements and can be cleaned easily and efficiently.


Powerful arguments for resellers

Gigaset does not sell its PRO products directly, but through value added resellers, i.e. certified retail partners and specialty retailers. They can offer customers the very best service and implement tailored projects. Two major arguments for VARs are that Gigaset’s desktop phones and DECT systems are auto-provisioning and have an IPUI-based process for logging on handsets, since they enable projects to be accomplished efficiently.


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