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When granny spams on WhatsApp …

31. October 2018 Published by Raphael Doerr

The number of smartphone users has grown incessantly for years. 81% of all consumers in Germany already own a smartphone. Elderly consumers are also discovering these practical all-rounders more and more, since they offer many advantages. Apart from communication and apps, senior citizens can use a feature that reminds them to take their pills and call help quickly in an emergency from wherever they are. That’s why the smartphone is already a constant companion for many. A representative study by the German IT industry association Bitkom shows that 4 out of 10 people aged 65 and above use a smartphone. 1

Seniors citizens also want to be trendy

Anyone who now starts imagining a smartphone with super-sized buttons and old-fashioned ringtones that are so loud that even a jet taking off seems like a babbling mountain brook often has the wrong idea. “Senior citizen cell phones” like these very often prove to be a shelfwarmer, since even smartphones for John Q. Public can be tailored to individual needs quickly and easily. Unwanted apps can be deleted, fonts, volumes and the display’s brightness can be set precisely, and additional aids to operate it are soon configured. Very few senior citizens want to appear old-fashioned and so prefer classic smartphones – even though they are initially unaccustomed to the modern forms of communication with them. There used to be a permanent place in the home from where calls were made. If you weren’t at home, you couldn’t be reached. Apart from letters, phone calls were the only means of communicating with family and friends far away – if you could afford that and wanted to.

The gateway to the social world

Now you can contact other people from anywhere and be theoretically reached anytime. People text much more than they phone, photos and videos are shared in seconds, and even videotelephony in real time is now commonplace. And even though senior citizens are usually unfamiliar with these forms of communication, the advantages are many – because smartphones can enrich their life substantially. For example, they make it much easier for the elderly to participate in the life of their loved ones and share memories.
That means elderly people in particular can keep in close contact with their family – even when the grandkids are spending an exchange semester in Australia. They can experience unique moments even from far away – whether in the shape of a video of the young one’s first haircut, holiday greetings from Hawaii or simply a nice message. Even long distances can soon be bridged, friendships fostered and new contacts forged with WhatsApp and other social media. Smartphones therefore inject variety into life and offer numerous opportunities to prevent everyday life from becoming too monotonous. Computer games are also growing in popularity among the older generation – the digital world has quite a lot to offer and is a big chance for senior citizens.

The perfect choice for seniors

Young people grow up with smartphones and can use them without any problems. Many senior citizens are skeptical at first and have their reservations about them. “Won’t I mess anything up with it?” is an often-heard statement in this context. Intuitive devices that are uncomplicated and can be used and configured quickly even by the technically unversed are what is wanted here.

That’s why smartphones from Gigaset are the perfect choice for seniors: The powerful smartphones are ideal for newcomers and are attractively priced. The devices impress with their exceptional convenience, great user-friendliness and superior aesthetics. And if users have problems and don’t know what to do or need tips on using the smartphone, the friendly and helpful specialists at the Gigaset Service Center are on hand to help in word and deed.

And if something should actually be faulty – don’t panic. Gigaset’s own repair service at its production site in Bocholt guarantees the problem will be dealt with quickly. 80% of the smartphones sent in to it can be repaired on the same day and returned right away. So you never have to go without your smartphone for long.

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