The fixed-lined phone has never been so popular! Why we are making so many calls during the crisis.
30. March 2020

Vodafone reported a huge rise in the number of phone calls on March 27 in the coronavirus ticker the network operator has set up in its PR newsroom: +38% from mobile phones and even +52% with fixed-lines ones. Here’s an explanation for that. The networks are stable Vodafone’s main concern was to communicate the fact more

Disinfecting your smartphone – the issue of cross-contamination
29. March 2020

The current coronavirus pandemic has made the general public highly aware of the need for greater hygiene to protect against infection. We wash our hands more, keep a distance from each other, and look out for potential risks in public spaces. All that is the right thing to do. But there is one subject that more

Poldi’s mom said … say no to fake news
27. March 2020

Do you know Poldi? Or his mother? No? Then you won’t know that Elisabeth, Poldi’s mom, said on WhatsApp that ibuprofen can make coronavirus worse. And that’s a good thing. This example of a pretty recent piece of fake news comes from the Medical University of Vienna. A voice message on WhatsApp wrongly stated that more

Gigaset voted a German customer favourite by BILD
24. March 2020

Gigaset has been voted a customer favourite in the category ‘security’ by Germans as part of a study conducted by the German newspaper BILD. By achieving a proud third place in this category, Gigaset asserts itself as a quality and innovation leader amongst 1,600 companies from 155 industries in a highly competitive field. How the more

We’re staying at home – but we’re all connected
22. March 2020

In the battle to contain the rampant spread of coronavirus, Gigaset is supporting the campaign by the German Federal Ministry of Health and participating in #wirbleibenzuhause (#WeAreStayingHome). An interview with Klaus Weßing and Thomas Schuchardt, CEO and CFO of Gigaset AG. Raphael Dörr: Why have you decided to join in the #wirbleibenzuhause campaign? Klaus Weßing: more

Working from the home office: “Staying connected with each other”
20. March 2020

Working from a home office is not part of normal daily life for all of us. But at the moment, when every one of us must do their bit and practice social distancing to slow down the spread of coronavirus, that doesn’t mean you have to get fed up spending your time in isolation in more

Washing hands to your favourite song
17. March 2020

The spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus in Europe continues to intensify. Gigaset is therefore using the available platforms to raise awareness about the issue in an attempt to help contain it. Today, we want to show you that even your favorite song can help contain the spreading of the virus. Hands as a problem zone more

“Staying connected while at home” – Statement by the Executive Board
12. March 2020

In view of the rampant coronavirus pandemic, which has spread worldwide in a short space of time, Klaus Weßing and Thomas Schuchardt, CEO and CFO of Gigaset AG, have some words for the readers of Gigaset’s corporate blog. The pandemic caused by coronavirus is evolving and spreading at a faster and faster pace. Many citizens more

Regulating the heating with Gigaset Smart Home
10. March 2020

Heating is a sensitive issue for many of us. We are caught in a conflict: Energy costs are increasing, as is our desire to act with greater environmental awareness, yet we also want to feel warm and cozy. So many of us are wondering if there might be modern solutions that reconcile the two. Regulating more

German test portal ‘Alles Beste’ issues purchase recommendation for Gigaset E290 phone
5. March 2020

The test portal “Alles Beste” has issued a purchase recommendation for the E290 as a telephone for senior citizens. The Gigaset E290 is a solidly equipped and simply designed phone. The device has a very modern design with generously sized buttons, a large and easy-to-read display and a basic shape. It is therefore recommended for more

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