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Intimate talk only over the fixed network: our C class for family life

13. November 2018 Published by Raphael Doerr

Is phoning over the fixed network now out among parents and kids? That’s a key question for us, since we’ve always been in the business of developing intelligent fixed-line phones for the whole family. With their direct access keys for the baby phone feature, particularly long talk and standby times, outstanding sound quality, and low radiation ECO Plus mode, models such as the Gigaset CL660 or C570 are genuine all-rounders.

Our answer is: No, phoning over the fixed network is not out. Admittedly, the study “Kinder & Jugend in der digitalen Welt” (“Children and youngsters in the digital world”) by the German digital association Bitkom shows that children aged 10 and above prefer most to communicate with their friends by Messenger. That’s even truer of youngster above 16. Yet, the study continues, the fixed-network phone is used for especially important matters and intimate talk. Despite having to compete with Snapchat, Facebook Messenger and talking face-to-face, phone calls over the fixed network therefore still play an important role for young Germans.

Our family phones are geared to the needs of children and parents alike. If there are little kids at home, the call protection function allows time-controlled deactivation of the ringtone. Only previously defined numbers, like grandma’s, are allowed to ring through during the afternoon nap or at bedtime. A direct access key enables the baby phone functions to be called.


No matter if duo or trio – the C class always offers maximal comfort

As the number of kids grows, there’s also a gradual increase in the desire for privacy. The family phone can then be expanded to up to six handsets very easily. With modern IP lines, your teenager can have their own number to go with their own phone.

So even when the youngsters are holding their own this-can’t-wait marathon calls, the rest of the family can still be reached – whether it’s for work in the home office, a chat with friends or making arrangements with other parents. In top-class fixed network quality. And without dead spots – no matter what corner of the home you retire to.

We feel certain: The fixed-network phone will always have its place in the family – alongside the smartphone, tablet and laptop.

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