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Deutschland Test: Gigaset is top employer for women

4. October 2022 Published by Raphael Doerr

Women are better educated than ever before, yet a study by the German Economic Institute (IW) showed that the shortage of skilled labor worsened again in 2021. Companies from a wide variety of sectors are therefore looking for highly qualified and motivated female employees, and women can choose carefully in which area they would like to work. For many, what’s important when looking for a job is whether the future employer has established a culture of equality, and what the situation is with regard to the working climate and career opportunities within the company. These are all aspects that make a company attractive for female applicants. Against this backdrop, DEUTSCHLAND TEST got together with the Institute for Management and Economic Research to examine which companies offer women the best work environment. In the study on “Top career opportunities for women”, Gigaset made it into first place in the “Electronics industry company” category with a score of 100 points. 

Around 14,000 companies from more than 200 sectors were put to the test. The first step in the study was “social listening”, in which all texts containing the predefined search terms were recorded in a database. The data was then divided into text fragments and analyzed. The fragments were subsequently assigned to the categories “positive”, “neutral” or “negative”. Between February 2021 and January 2022, almost one million mentions for 14,000 companies were analyzed.

After analyzing the results, the title “Top career opportunities for women” was awarded based on the score achieved in the overall ranking. This was calculated from the social listening and the CSR reports of the companies studied. The winner from each industry receives 100 points and so sets the benchmark for all the other companies examined in the industry. Gigaset achieved an overall score of 100 points, putting it in first place in the “Electronics industry company” category.

“We are very proud to be awarded this title by Deutschland Test. We have already been working for some time now on making our company modern and attractive for our existing and future female employees. It’s a challenge we are happy to face, and this award proves that our efforts to date are beginning to pay off,” says Christian Kommelter, SVP Human Resources at Gigaset.

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