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FAZ awards Gigaset certificate for “Excellent Sustainability”

13. January 2022 Published by Raphael Doerr

The word “sustainability” is on everyone’s lips in the battle against climate change. There are more and more media reports on environmental disasters and the huge challenges of using finite resources in an economical way. Many people are trying to do their part by making their life more sustainable. They are increasingly opting to do business with companies that likewise attach a great deal of importance to sustainability. Against that backdrop, the German newspaper FAZ, in cooperation with the Institute for Management and Economic Research (IMWF), conducted the study “Excellent Sustainability 2021” in order to ascertain the reputation of around 21,000 German companies for sustainability – and Gigaset came top in the category “Electrical Industry Company” to capture the “Excellent Sustainability” certificate.

As part of the study into the reputation of companies for sustainability, data was first collected as part of a social listening process. That involved loading all texts containing predefined search terms from the web and recording them in a database. All the websites analyzed in the survey had to have a German domain and be freely accessible. That was followed by the second social listening step, in which all the data that had been collected was divided into text fragments by means of artificial intelligence methods and then analyzed in three stages: “Which company is mentioned? What subject is discussed? What is the text fragment’s tonality?” The artificial intelligence categorized the text fragments that had been found into individual subject areas, termed “event types.”

Points were then awarded for the event types that were fulfilled. In order to calculate the individual scores, a net tonality rating and the website’s reach were calculated for each company. The score was then standardized for each industry. A total of around 2.2 million mentions for the approximately 21,000 companies were identified in the study, which ran from August 1, 2020, to July 31, 2021.

After all the results had been evaluated, Gigaset received 100 points, securing the award for “Excellent Sustainability” in the “Electrical Industry Company” category. The “Excellent Sustainability” certificate was awarded on the basis of the score achieved in the overall ranking for the individual industries. The winner from each industry receives 100 points and so sets the benchmark for all the other companies examined in the industry.

“We’re very proud of this result and the accolade from FAZ. We always endeavor to keep our sustainability promise and develop it further,” says Raphael Dörr, SVP Corporate Communications & Investor Relations at Gigaset. “We like to draw attention to sustainability issues and we understand that sustainability is now a non-negotiable aspect for many customers. We’re therefore all the more delighted to be perceived so positively in this context.”

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