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Klaus Weßing gives interview for Marken and Macher section of Wirtschaft-aktuell magazine

9. February 2022 Published by Raphael Doerr

The high-coverage business magazine Wirtschaft-aktuell focuses its reporting on business news from North Rhine-Westphalia and southwestern Lower Saxony. Therefore, a Gigaset feature as part of the latest edition of the print and online magazine’s Marken & Macher section was an obvious choice. Gigaset CEO Klaus Weßing was interviewed on various Gigaset-related topics as part of this cooperation.

Over the years, Wirtschaft aktuell-Verlag has accompanied countless economic success stories at close quarters. They all had one thing in common: there have always been strong personalities and competent teams who have driven their projects forward with courage, innovative competence and a good dose of entrepreneurial spirit. These brands and doers are now to be put in the spotlight as part of the magazine’s project and show that “the Wirtschaft aktuell catchment area is a region of strong brands and doers”.

Gigaset is also one of the brands and makers from North Rhine-Westphalia and has therefore been included in the latest edition of the magazine. Klaus Weßing, CEO and Chairman of the Board at Gigaset, explains in a video interview what Gigaset will stand for in 2021 and what “Made in Germany” and the Bocholt location mean for Gigaset. On the question of what potential he sees for the company in the future, Klaus Weßing says:

“The potential of a company lies in its people and the market. And we have to have a clear position: how do we want to serve the market? If we take the topic of e-commerce; we manufacture in Bocholt and deliver to our customers within 24 hours – I see this as a huge advantage over our Asian competitors. I see huge potential for the future in the people we employ, who have great know-how.”

Wirtschaft-aktuell sees itself in particular as an economic information organ for entrepreneurs and managers in North Rhine-Westphalia and south-western Lower Saxony. The editorial focus is on management and service topics, local economic success stories and development work by cities, municipalities, communities and districts in the circulation areas.

The associated article and video interview, which were produced as part of the ongoing press work of Corporate Communications, can be viewed here.

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