Gossip from the furthermost corner: The new Gigaset HX Repeater

24. April 2019 Published by Raphael Doerr

“Houston, can you hear me?” – that, or something similar, is what you might hear when the base station in offices or at home fails to supply a wireless signal that is strong enough or simply because the premises are very sprawling. The new Gigaset HX Repeater quickly remedies that problem. The DECT repeater is telephony’s counterpart to WLAN repeaters and not only doubles the range, but now also fully supports the CAT-iq wireless standard for the first time. That makes the new HX Repeater the first choice for all IP phones with DECT and CAT-iq protocols.

Thanks to its cutting-edge technology, the new Gigaset HX Repeater not only supports the DECT wireless standard, but also CAT-iq. With further features such as early encryption, rekeying and software update over the air (SUOTA), the HX Repeater complies with the latest standards of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute.

Because twice as far is simply better

The new Gigaset HX Repeater picks up and passes on the wireless signal from installed base stations or routers that have an integrated DECT module and are compatible with the repeater. As a result, it increases the range of DECT/IP cordless phones and enables signals to pass through building structures that are particularly difficult to penetrate – for example, for people whose phone socket is installed in the basement, but also want perfect voice quality in their home office in the loft. The Gigaset HX Repeater is therefore a transmitting station that is placed at the maximum distance from a Gigaset base station or compatible router and hence doubles freedom of movement in the home or garden. The wireless signal for telephony has a range of around 50 meters in buildings and 300 outdoors – so distances of up to 600 meters can be bridged in the garden if the repeater is positioned just right. Calls can be taken and internal conversations made and toggled within the extended wireless range. Coverage can be further optimized by using up to six Gigaset HX Repeaters in the vicinity of the base station.

Dual safeguard for more security

The new early encryption feature means that every call is encrypted before being transmitted. That ensures a particularly high standard of security for telephony at the workplace or home. The rekeying feature – in other words, changing of the session key or the encryption key of an ongoing communication – delivers additional data security. With the Gigaset HX Repeater, the security key is constantly modulated during each call.

The Gigaset DECT HX Repeater is on sale from May in the color anthracite at an RRP of €159.99. The Gigaset HX Repeater and all Gigaset products can be purchased from the official Gigaset online shop.

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