Quo vadis, communication?
7. January 2021

Raphael Dörr May 12, 2020 via LinkedIn The coronavirus crisis has presented all sectors of industry with huge challenges within a very short space of time. From abandoned work, strict protection and hygiene requirements at the workplace, or moving to work from home – hardly anyone has been spared. While, until recently, working from home more

Communication after coronavirus – will we even communicate better again in the future?
28. October 2020

This article about communication after Corona Virus was published by Raphael Dörr on May 19, 2020 on LinkedIn. It can be viewed, liked and shared at this link. At the latest since Whatsapp, Facebook and the like, we are almost constantly in communication with the outside world – no matter what the distance or time more

Culture change at companies as a result of the coronavirus
16. September 2020

The beer gardens are open again, while a bit of life and normalcy are slowly returning to many offices. But might that normality have long been a thing of the past? Will Corona bring about a culture change in companies? We’ve learned to work together in cross-functional teams in the past weeks. Until recently, we more

Voice messages etiquette
15. November 2018

Voice Messages are now a part of daily communication for many of us. We reported earlier on the trend here. The advantage: You can simply start talking away instead of having to type in stuff at endless length. To ensure that you don’t annoy recipients, we’ve put together five tips as an etiquette on how more