Solid as a rock: the landline phone
21. June 2019

People are becoming more and more mobile, working flexibly, and also managing their life while on the move. 2018 was the first-ever year in which more calls were made by mobile phone than from landline connections. Yet life for many is unimaginable without the phone at home. And there are three prime reasons for that: more

One for all: the new N870 IP PRO DECT IP multi-cell system from Gigaset
11. October 2018

Flexibility and scalability for companies of any size Gigaset, the provider of professional communications solutions, is presenting its new N870 IP PRO DECT IP multi-cell system. The solution is designed to deliver flexibility and scalability and so is suited for small, medium-sized and even large installations. It can also be used to manage distributed locations more

How to improve your internal and external communication with multicell DECT radio networks
5. January 2018

The right solution for internal and external communication can make all the difference between success and failure. That’s because the minute your employees are unable to communicate with each other, or your customers can’t reach you, you’re in trouble. What can you do about it? Set the right course now The first step is to more

From single cell to multicell: Which system is the best fit for your cordless office?
8. December 2017

Whether your employees need to move around the office frequently or not, mobility at the workplace offers great benefits in terms of productivity and efficiency. For example, take the flexibility needed by employees in a warehouse, retail environment or large office. Thanks to cordless telephony, they are able to work at multiple locations in the more