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Today is a good day for hiking!

14. May 2021 Published by Raphael Doerr

Even before the pandemic broke out, hiking was one of the Germans’ favourite outdoor activities. Now the restrictions in many parts of public life are leading to a real hiking boom. In Germany Hiking Day is on 14 May and it has come at just the right time, because the sun is finally shining again, temperatures are rising and so is the desire for adventure. There is no better occasion to finally put on the hiking boots again and explore the local area. All that’s missing is the perfect companion for the hike, who can endure the whole adventure and document the best moments.

A good hiking tour should be carefully planned in advance. The selected route of the hiking tour is chosen before setting out and saved on the smartphone. This provides security and can prevent long detours. In order to avoid losing the important maps and routes on the day of the tour or even getting lost, the smartphone needs a lot of storage space. Like the new Gigaset GX290 plus, for example. With 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage space, the outdoor smartphone can withstand a few hikes. That’s 33 per cent more RAM and 100 per cent more storage space than its predecessor, the GX290. This means that the routes and hiking apps on the smartphone are always available and every hiking tour is easy to master.

Even if the maps and routes are saved, the digital companion on a hiking tour must have a powerful battery so that the maps can be accessed throughout the day and perhaps a few great photos can be taken. If the adventure starts early in the morning, there is often not enough time to charge the smartphone. That’s why the Gigaset GX290 plus smartphone can be quickly charged wirelessly with up to 15 watts. It can also achieve a standby time of 550 hours thanks to the 6200 mAh lithium polymer battery and provide up to 24 hours of talk time on the 3G/4G network. This way, the GX290 plus ensures safety on the hiking tour and navigating the last kilometres without battery and map is a thing of the past.

Even if no one gets lost on the hiking tour thanks to the GX290 plus, many other things can still go wrong. The weather can change, the terrain can change suddenly or a wrong step can lead to a fall. The GX290 plus outdoor smartphone is well prepared for all these scenarios. The almost indestructible casing is dust, shock and water resistant. This makes the GX290 plus a reliable companion that you don’t have to worry about.

However, if the weather holds and the sun accompanies the hiking tour, reading on the smartphone screen in the sunlight can be difficult. That’s why the Gigaset GX290 plus is ideal for outdoor use, featuring a 6.1″, daylight adaptive 19.5:9 HD+ V-Notch display with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 for the best readability even in bright sunlight. In addition, the outdoor smartphone can be easily unlocked on-the-go with the built-in face recognition and fingerprint sensor, so no valuable time is wasted outdoors typing in a pin to unlock it. So with the Gigaset GX290 plus, you’re well prepared for today’s day of hiking. You can master any planned or even spontaneous adventure with this perfect companion.

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