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WELT Best Employer Ranking: Gigaset rated “highly attractive”

3. December 2020 Published by Raphael Doerr

In its latest survey of the general public on “Germany’s Best Employer”, the newspaper WELT and the Cologne-based analysis institute ServiceValue assessed a total of 4,009 companies in order to find Germany’s best employers. Gigaset is one of the best employers in the “Industry” sector this year according to the WELT Best Employer Ranking. It gained an average rating of 2.69 and so was named a “very attractive employer.”

WELT and ServiceValue recently published their latest nationwide study on Germany’s best employers. Its aim was to reveal which companies are felt to be authentic and enjoy a high degree of credibility as employers among the general public. A total of 820,000 citizens assessed 4,009 companies from the service, retail and industry sectors in terms of their attractiveness as employers.

Methodology and questions

The study “Germany’s Best Employer” comprised a large number of surveys that participants replied to one after the other. The first question was which companies the participants knew and could assess as an employer. The respondents’ views were then recorded on the basis of a scale of 1 to 5: “Excellent” (1), “Very good” (2), “Good” (3), “Moderate” (4), “Poor” (5).

After the participants had been surveyed and had graded the companies according to the scale, an unweighted average value was formed for each employer to determine its position in the ranking for its sector.

Companies and employers who achieved an above-average rating were awarded the accolade “highly attractive employer”. Employers who in turn achieved an above-average rating within this group were named “very attractive employers”. The surveys’ sample sizes were at least 50 persons for small companies and more than 200 persons for large companies.

Gigaset fared well in the survey, achieving an average rating of 2.69, and so was awarded the title of a “very attractive employer”. “We’re naturally delighted that our company is perceived so positively by the public,” says Christian Kommelter, SVP Human Resources at Gigaset. “We intend to strengthen our good reputation further and leverage it to attract and keep young talents, as well as continue our training program without any changes. Sustainability, innovation and Made in Germany are not only values that reinforce trust among customers, but also among our current and future employees.”

You can find more information on the survey “Germany’s Best Employers” here.

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