Scalability in communications – a reliable and safe bet for business growth
10. September 2021

Guest Article by Felipe Martín, Managing Director of Gigaset Communications Iberia The importance of flexibility and mobility in communications is paramount for companies, especially if they have offices spread across the country or plan to expand their offices in the future. Stable systems are an ideal technological solution to facilitate seamless voice connectivity and ensure more

State-of-the-art communication in a listed castle
4. February 2021

The Château de Chillon in Veytaux is famous for its unique location on the rock island Île de Chillon on the eastern bank of Lake Geneva, separated from the mainland by a ten-meter-wide moat. The castle attracts many sightseers every year and is one of Switzerland’s most-visited historical buildings. Its fascinating style and picturesque lake more

For three times more space: Gigaset N670 IP PRO becomes a mini-multicell
25. January 2021

When a company grows and extends its floor space, the professional phone systems from Gigaset grow with it. The Gigaset N670 IP PRO presented last year offers cordless telephony for up to 20 DECT handsets and eight simultaneous connections. Up to three N670 IP PRO can now be combined into a mini-multicell system. Availability in more

Telecommunications: Why auto-provisioning of devices is the future
9. April 2018

Auto-provisioning is a familiar aspect for every reseller in the telecommunications segment. By uploading the necessary configuration and account data to a phone, users are able to make the best use of their device and benefit from its features. Auto-provisioning is the next step. At Gigaset pro, all of our devices provide auto-provisioning to easily more

From Single Cell to Multi-Cell: which System fits your cordless Office best?
8. December 2017

Whether your employees need to move around the office frequently or not, mobility within a working environment offers great benefits for productivity and efficiency. Take for example the required flexibility of employees working in a warehouse, retail environment or large office. With cordless telephony, they’re able to work at multiple locations within the building and more