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Yet another award for excellence: the Gigaset SL450A GO

7. May 2019 Published by Raphael Doerr

After receiving the Plus X Award and being chosen as the best device by connect’s readership, the SL450A GO has now also picked up top marks from PCtipp. Switzerland’s largest PC magazine has rated our hybrid DECT phone “Very good” – thanks to its extensive features, ease of use and particularly low-radiation ECO DECT wireless standard.

One award is good. But three are a lot better. So we’re delighted that the SL450A GO has also gone down well in Switzerland. The phone is suitable for landline and Internet telephony: with one phone number for the landline connection and up to six for the IP-based connection, allowing two calls in parallel, irrespective of the provider.

Our all-rounder impressed PCtipp’s editorial team with its high-quality finish and aluminum frame that “feels good in your hand.” The color display, on which the time as well as a personal slideshow can be displayed, among other things, is singled out in the article. The phone can also be connected to the computer quickly and easily by means of its micro USM port.

Landline phone with versatile features

The phone’s “showpiece”: the tiled menu with nine fields. It can be used to call various functions, such as the CLIP network services (call waiting, call protection, etc.), an organizer or the address book. PCtipp’s editors regard the phone’s versatility as a clear point in its favor. That is embodied, for example, in the address book, which can store 500 contacts along with their address and multiple phone numbers. Moreover, an alarm clock, vibrating alarm, babyphone function and a calendar with a reminder function make the phone a practical helper in everyday life.

Telephony at a high level

The SL450A GO fared especially well is what a phone ought to do best of all by nature: “The telephony quality is of a very good level” and the sound is “clear and loud,” is the verdict of the Swiss trade magazine. An additional practical feature: the three integrated answering machines, which can each store up to 55 minutes of messages.

Gigaset GO technology

Thanks to the optional GO technology, users of the SL450A Go can choose between landline telephony with one number and Internet telephony with up to six numbers, allowing two calls in parallel. A particularly interesting feature: If you connect your phone via gigaset.net, you can call other Gigaset GO phones worldwide for free.

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