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Compact highlights – telephone news in June

24. June 2020 Published by Raphael Doerr

In times of home office and contact restrictions, more and longer phone calls are being made in Germany. The major telecommunications network operators report a significant increase in the number and average duration of phone calls. The switch to the home office, and calling friends and family are bringing about a landline revival in these difficult times that can be ideally achieved with Gigaset handsets for routers, IP-capable phones or existing Gigaset products. Find out about this month’s highlights here.

Gigaset is on the side of all customers and is still able to achieve a 100% delivery rate today thanks to its products “Made in Germany” at its main plant in Bocholt.

It’s nice to make calls

hello! – That’s the motto for everyone who loves design and enjoys having good conversations. For everyone who likes things nice and simple. Buttons with a pleasant pressure point facilitate use, and the high-contrast display ensures good legibility. That makes the phone especially easy and intuitive to use and one of the highlights to mention this month. The design telephone Gigaset CL390 stands upright in the charging cradle, and its clear visual shape makes it an esthetic eye-catcher in a modern living setting. It’s available in the elegant design colors Satellite Grey, Lucent White, Purist Blue and Cantaloupe; each in the variants CL390 (RRP €39.99), CL390A (RRP €49.99) and CL390HX (RRP €39.99).

Base stations now available separately

If customers want to extend the functional scope of an existing Gigaset DECT system or prefer individual solutions thanks to the free combination of handsets and base, then the separately available DECT base stations are an interesting option and one of our definite highlights. Gigaset recommends combining H and HX handsets from the C series and higher.

Gigaset GO-Box 100

In addition to the analog connection, the powerful base station offers the option of setting up six IP accounts (all relevant provider profiles are preset). Another one of our highlights, the GO-Box 100 also has the necessary Internet access via LAN and allows the registered handsets and the three virtual answering machines to be assigned to the desired phone numbers. With the time control function customers can control when which phone number rings, doesn’t ring, or is forwarded to the answering machine. Automatic reverse lookup in cooperation with dastelefonbuch.de (Deutsche Tele Medien GmbH) displays the caller’s name as plain text even if the contact is not saved locally. Gigaset GO-Box 100 available at an RRP of €39.99.

Gigaset Box 200A

The analog DECT base station, which can be set up away from the charging cradle, has a digital answering machine with up to 30 minutes of recording time that can be conveniently operated via keypad. In addition to the default standard announcement, customized announcements and messages lasting a total of three minutes can be recorded; the switch between message and recording function can be set for specific times. The Gigaset Box 200A also allows users to record calls and listen in on incoming calls. Recordings are also backed up in the event of a power outage and can (with PIN protection) be played back via remote access. Gigaset Box 200A available at an RRP of €29.99.

Gigaset Box 100

The simple DECT base station is suitable for analog connections on the a/b port of a router or a TAE socket. As with the GO-Box 100 and Box 200A, up to 6 Gigaset H or HX handsets can be registered. The basic functions of all Gigaset base units include address book transfer between handsets, internal calls, call forwarding to another handset using the consultation and recall function, and repeater operation to extend coverage with a Gigaset Repeater or HX Repeater.

Gigaset Box 100 available at an RRP of €14.99.

Gigaset DA610 facelift to Gigaset DA611

Since corded phones continue to play a role in the telephone market and are used in projects and private households, the popular Gigaset DA610 has been given a facelift with minor improvements to details to become Gigaset DA611. The design of the analog fixed-line phone, available in white and black, remains the same. The following changes were made to the Gigaset DA611, available at an RRP of €49.99, compared to the DA610:

  1. The new display of the Gigaset DA611 allows the caller’s name to be shown if it is stored in the phone book.
  2. The phone book now has 100 instead of 50 entries
  3. And the function menu is even more convenient to use

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