Intimate talk only over the fixed network: our C class for family life
13. November 2018

Is phoning over the fixed network now out among parents and kids? That’s a key question for us, since we’ve always been in the business of developing intelligent fixed-line phones for the whole family. With their direct access keys for the baby phone feature, particularly long talk and standby times, outstanding sound quality, and low more

Gigaset life series – large-button phones at a glance
29. October 2018

Nowadays we can surf on the web, watch over babies and hold telephone conferences from home with fixed-line phones. We design our phones with the user in mind at all times – which is why they’re just as flexible and versatile as you need to be in your everyday chores. And, of course, we keep more

A good tool for the home office
24. October 2018

Opinions are still divided about the home office. Some companies are convinced that working from home increases productivity and employee satisfaction. Others fear that employees laze about at home if they’re not supervised adequately. One thing is for sure: Working from a home office demands discipline. It’s vital to have your own work area. Ideally, more

Ergonomics: a phone like an office chair
22. October 2018

Sit up straight, set the desk to the right height, have the monitor at a specific angle – ergonomics has played an important role at the workplace for a long time. There’s even the ergonomic mouse that’s intended to prevent wrist tension, what’s termed the “mouse hand.” If something’s ergonomic, it’s better for you – more

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