The Gigaset E720: The phone for a clear view
8. September 2020

A worrying trend: The World Health Organization (WHO) forecasts more and more people will suffer from poorer eyesight in the future. That’s due to the fact that people are living longer, as well as changes in lifestyle and working conditions. You can’t avoid getting older, but you can change work-related factors and so reduce the more

Gossip from the furthermost corner: The new Gigaset HX Repeater
24. April 2019

“Houston, can you hear me?” – that, or something similar, is what you might hear when the base station in offices or at home fails to supply a wireless signal that is strong enough or simply because the premises are very sprawling. The new Gigaset HX Repeater quickly remedies that problem. The DECT repeater is more

Premiere for the Gigaset smart speaker L800HX with Amazon Alexa built-in
16. April 2019

As one of the first on the market, Gigaset enables DECT landline calling with Amazon Alexa. The new Gigaset smart speaker L800HX is a voice-controlled hands-free telephone that can call any fixed-line or mobile number when connected to a DECT base station or a compatible router. Thanks to the powerful loudspeaker and wide-band voice transmission, more

HX – two letters that make everything easier
11. December 2018

Technology can sometimes drive us crazy – especially when you try to get products from different manufacturers to work with each other. One device functions fine, but not together with the other. Or you need to adjust some setting or other. But just what? We at Gigaset don’t want you to have the hassle of more

Three in one go: C570A duo and trio promotional packages
6. December 2018

What happens at your home when the phone rings? Do you start running around, wondering where the thing has got to? Where did I last have it? In the study? On the couch? Oh, perhaps in the kitchen. Searching for the handset often creates a commotion, and not only in houses or larger apartments – more

It opened up a whole new world: 25 years of DECT
27. November 2018

There are moments that change everything. The one we’re talking about isn’t perhaps on a par with the first man on the moon or the discovery of the theory of relativity. Yet it was nevertheless a revolution 25 years ago. And our engineers realized right way that it was a moment that would change everything. more

Who tested it? The Swiss! Gigaset SL910A earns plaudits in PCtipp test
23. November 2018

The SL910A is definitely one of our most stylish cordless phones. And it had the honor of lining up in a test comparing it with other devices conducted by PCtipp in November. Switzerland’s largest computer magazine scrutinized five fixed-line phones with DECT technology. We’re more than happy with our grade: “Very good”! And, of course, more

Migrating your telephony to the cloud: the six key steps
15. March 2018

As the person responsible for telephony, you are probably not looking for one specific telephone for your company – you want a solution that will ensure your employees are able to make and take their calls. It doesn’t matter whether this happens in the cloud or internally. Or does it? Just think about it. This more