The best smartphone apps for dog lovers
6. September 2019

Having a dog is a most wonderful, albeit not always stress-free, experience. Owners are always asking themselves: “Is my dog allowed in the restaurant?” or “How can I make sure he’s kept exercised and busy?” We’ve compiled our favorite apps to help you answer these questions. Dog’s Places: You’re welcome here! Dog’s Places is one more

Apps for your vacation: The right ones on your smartphone make traveling safer and more convenient
23. April 2019

Whether it’s a short trip, vacation or cruise: the smartphone comes along. It’s the most useful and important device many holidaymakers take with them. Of course, you can make calls and snap photos with it – but the right apps transform it in a jiffy into a mobile travel guide, navigation system, currency converter, translator more

Knowledge for the right decisions: The most popular allergy apps at a glance
19. April 2019

A smartphone and the right app is enough to make life a little easier for allergy sufferers. Our blog post about “Husteblume”, the allergy app of the Techniker Krankenkasse, was very well received. And of course there are a number of other useful applications. To make orientation in the app jungle easier, we have compiled more

So where are you flying to? Pollen apps and the smartphone – more than just an early warning system for allergy sufferers
5. March 2019

Hand on heart: Do you know when the beech or hazelnut tree’s pollen flies or when the alder blossoms? If not, you’re either not allergic to plants or you haven’t yet installed a pollen forecast app on your smartphone. You can read why such an app is extremely useful in our blog article. More and more

Staving off springtime lethargy: Just how useful are sleep apps?
28. February 2019

Spring is around the corner and that unfortunately means springtime lethargy for very many of us. But what causes it? And can sleep apps for the smartphone actually help us get a better night’s rest? Healthy sleep is one of the most vital aspects when it comes to leading a healthy life. It’s not only more

The Android apps for spring
18. February 2019

The days are slowly getting longer and we can feel the warm sun on our face. Time for a bit of spring cleaning on your smartphone – out with the old apps that are useless anyhow, and in with the new. We show you what spring delights the Google Play Store holds for you – more

The best Android apps for the new semester
7. February 2019

The new semester starts in April for around 2.8 million students. And so does the stress. But anyone using their smartphone as an aid and not just for phone calls can make studying a lot easier. We present the best free Android apps from the Google Play Store. Smartphones like the GS280 with its extra-large more

The best photo apps for the smartphone
2. October 2018

The last part of our series is devoted to editing. We present five useful apps with which you can optimize and then publish your pictures on your smartphone. Snapseed Snapseed comes free of charge and shows how easy it is to use even more complex photo apps on a small smartphone: The app is divided more

Back to the Office successfully with Gigaset Professional
15. June 2020

The easing of restrictions as part of the coronavirus pandemic usually means one thing for many employees: a return to the office. To preserve the improvements in communication at many companies that introduced working from a home office, there must be a good corporate culture – but above all the right infrastructure. Gigaset’s business phones more

My home is my office! The workplace as a challenge!
24. April 2020

In normal times, in other words, just under eight weeks ago, before the virus came, the home office was ‘the’ place you longed to be, the place you wished for, dreamed about to not have to see the open-plan office and your colleagues for a day, or to escape the annoying morning traffic jam. Despite more

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