Smartphones in winter: If you love your smartphone, wrap it up
16. November 2020

How to weatherproof your smartphone for the fall and winter No one would think of wrapping up their computer and taking it out with them in the rain, snow and sub-zero temperatures, for example, while jogging, hiking or skiing. That would also be totally absurd – the high-tech machines aren’t equipped for such weather conditions, more

Noise pollution is detrimental to business – high audio quality is vital
12. November 2020

This post about noise pollution and audio quality was published on LinkedIn on August 31 by Ralf Lueb. “Hello, hello? Can you hear me?” Whether it’s in the open-plan office, surrounded by loud colleagues, or working from home, where the neighbor has to mow the lawn yet again: Disruptions and excessive background noise affect our more

Trusted retailer: Where does Germany buy its smart home devices?
10. November 2020

Where does Germany buy its smart home devices? The latest Bitkom study has now found that out, and the result is somewhat surprising. Because, anyone who thought the answer would have clearly been online is wrong. 56 percent of potential smart home users buy products from an electronics market and preferably at the store from more

Horror price: Germans are heating less, yet heating costs continue to rise
6. November 2020

Germans heated less last year. But despite this environmentally-conscious behavior their heating costs are still increasing, as ntv.de writes in a recently published post on constantly rising heating costs in Germany. Average heating costs per household rose by 2.4 percent in 2019 – that’s due to the heating oil and natural gas prices, which were more

Cloud-based telephony: Equipped today for communication of tomorrow
4. November 2020

The coronavirus crisis has led to a surge in digitalization at many German companies almost overnight. That is especially true in the field of communication – including telephony. The use of cloud telephony in business is something new, particularly in Germany. According to IDG’s 2019 Smart Business Communications Study, 49 percent of the total of more

Home Office: From the kitchen table to the office
2. November 2020

This interview with Raphael Dörr, SVP Corporate Communications & Investor Relations at Gigaset, was published on funkschau.de on September 29, 2020. The interview on the subject of home office and the impact of the pandemic on everyday life at the company was conducted by Diana Künstler. The coronavirus pandemic meant that many companies quickly had more

Communication after coronavirus – will we even communicate better again in the future?
28. October 2020

This article about communication after Corona Virus was published by Raphael Dörr on May 19, 2020 on LinkedIn. It can be viewed, liked and shared at this link. At the latest since Whatsapp, Facebook and the like, we are almost constantly in communication with the outside world – no matter what the distance or time more

Gigaset supports IMO in its new sustainability concept and in improving its B2B and B2C operations
26. October 2020

Just about everyone is familiar with IMO car washes. Their green-and-blue facade is striking and can now be seen in 14 countries around the world. The IMO Car Wash Group, which is part of ICWG, operates around 900 car washes worldwide, making it the largest car wash company. Founded in Germany in 1965, IMO has more

Greenwashing? Not at Gigaset: Permanently establishing environmental protection at the company
16. October 2020

This post about Greenwashing was published on LinkedIn on October 13, 2020 by Ralf Lueb. The post can be viewed, liked or shared at this link. It’s less than a year since hundreds of thousands went out on the streets across Germany on climate demonstrations. Environmental protection was the key topic for months in public more