No more licking stamps, the mobile postage stamp is here
19. January 2021

With the mobile postage stamp, letters and postcards can be franked no matter where, no matter when. Use an app to request the postage you need, pay online, write the two-line alphanumeric code on the letter, and drop it in the mailbox. No extra costs for the mobile service and handling. No printer required. “If more

I’ve got zoom fatigue: Why video conferences are causing exhaustion and tiredness
13. January 2021

We’re all well acquainted with the fall and winter blues or springtime lethargy. Yet in times like these there are new forms of general exhaustion and tiredness. In addition to pandemic fatigue, many people are suffering from “zoom fatigue”. If you enter the term “zoom fatigue” in Google, you get around 44,100,000 hits (0.53 seconds). more

Quo vadis, communication?
7. January 2021

Raphael Dörr May 12, 2020 via LinkedIn The coronavirus crisis has presented all sectors of industry with huge challenges within a very short space of time. From abandoned work, strict protection and hygiene requirements at the workplace, or moving to work from home – hardly anyone has been spared. While, until recently, working from home more

Renaissance for the fixed network thanks to working from home, smartphone highlights in the fall – Gigaset 2020
5. January 2021

No one will forget this year any time soon. Everything feels different to what it was before. And that is precisely why we’ve come to appreciate things that are constant and enduring. The importance of communication has increased – whether at work or in private life. Banished to working from home, some have opted for more

More human contact in everyday life in times of coronavirus with smartphones for senior citizens
31. December 2020

Only the display between us Senior citizens seem to have discovered a new form of communication for themselves during the coronavirus pandemic: video telephony. When personal contact with the family is too risky, you can also meet your daughter or grandchildren virtually. The easiest way to do that is by smartphone – no matter whether more

Christmas 2020: Celebrating without a mobile phone ban
24. December 2020

The biggest, and for many the most important family celebration of the year is finally here: It’s Christmas! After the challenges of this year, we’re especially looking forward to it, even though Christmas won’t be quite the same for many people as in past years. 2020 could be the year in which the mobile phone more

Telephonophobia – The fear of making or taking phone calls
17. December 2020

It’s not easy to cope in times like these when every day brings a new challenge. Numbers define our life, we tune into the news every evening to find out the latest reproduction number R, how many cases there are and the 7-day incidence rate, count up our contacts per day in our head, check more

The Cyber Primer – a step-by-step guide to proficiency and security in everyday digital life
7. December 2020

If you feel insecure, you don’t move around freely, with no cares in the world. That applies just as much in our everyday life as it does in the digital world. In particular, senior citizens feel unsure online. The majority of older people in Germany do not feel confident using the Internet and in the more

WELT Best Employer Ranking: Gigaset rated “highly attractive”
3. December 2020

In its latest survey of the general public on “Germany’s Best Employer”, the newspaper WELT and the Cologne-based analysis institute ServiceValue assessed a total of 4,009 companies in order to find Germany’s best employers. Gigaset is one of the best employers in the “Industry” sector this year according to the WELT Best Employer Ranking. It more