Excellent image: FOCUS Money awards Gigaset for reputation
26. May 2021

Never before has it been possible to obtain information as easily and quickly as now. A short search on Google with a few keywords yields several hundred answers in a few seconds. Information about companies can also be found quickly and easily on the internet. This information can strengthen the reputation of a company, but more

Effective despite working from home? Or specifically because of it?
25. May 2021

This article asking the question “What can effective work from the home office look like?” was published by Ralf Lueb on May 13, 2020 on LinkedIn. It can be viewed, liked and shared at this link. In the meantime, the picture has becoming normality. Whether it’s bookshelves or art on the wall, children on their more

Data protection on home soil
19. May 2021

This post about data protection was published on LinkedIn on 25 January by Anne Dickau. The post can be viewed, liked and shared at this link. Data leaks are a recurrent problem in our day and age. A hacker attack on the European Medicines Agency (EMA) at the beginning of December reiterated the fact that more

Today is a good day for hiking!
14. May 2021

Even before the pandemic broke out, hiking was one of the Germans’ favourite outdoor activities. Now the restrictions in many parts of public life are leading to a real hiking boom. In Germany Hiking Day is on 14 May and it has come at just the right time, because the sun is finally shining again, more

Cheers to our parents: The best gift ideas from Gigaset
7. May 2021

After all this time at home and the exceptionally cold April, we are looking forward to the summer, the change of scenery and being able to visit family and relatives more often. This comes at just the right time, because Mother’s Day is on 9 May in Germany and Father’s Day 2021 follows just four more

Gigaset is a FocusMoney Digital Champion 2021
3. May 2021

With the onset of the Corona pandemic it finally became clear how important digitalisation is today, even for large companies. This was particularly evident in companies that were not well positioned in this regard before the crisis and started the first lockdown with a clear disadvantage. Now it is clear that companies cannot avoid the more

Gigaset is one of the 200 most sustainable companies in Germany
20. April 2021

The weekly magazine Stern and the renowned market research company Statista have collaborated to create the ranking of the “Most Sustainable Companies in Germany 2021“. As part of this study, the sustainability of over 2,000 German companies was examined. Gigaset was able to secure 109th place in the ranking with its corporate responsibility strategy and more

5 tips to reduce smartphone use
1. April 2021

For many people the first glance at their smartphone takes place immediately after the alarm clock rings in the morning. The smartphone is already in their hand after the alarm clock has gone off and a quick glance at the news that arrived last night after the last smartphone check would be quite practical. However, more

State-of-the-art communication in a listed castle
4. February 2021

The Château de Chillon in Veytaux is famous for its unique location on the rock island Île de Chillon on the eastern bank of Lake Geneva, separated from the mainland by a ten-meter-wide moat. The castle attracts many sightseers every year and is one of Switzerland’s most-visited historical buildings. Its fascinating style and picturesque lake more