What you’ve always wanted to know about the Metaverse but were afraid to ask until now
24. February 2022

In 1999, Boris Becker asked the German television community “Am I in there already or what?” At the time, Becker was advertising for AOL and the Internet Starter Package. And getting on the Internet with it was absolutely easy, so easy that Becker didn’t even notice. Today, anyone who wants to get into the Metaverse, more

Jörg Brühl joins expert panel discussion for The Times online
2. February 2022

Heightened consumer expectations, the digitalisation of many organisations, the commoditisation of telecommunication products, as well as the global pandemic, have all had a profound effect on customer experience and the importance of it. Right now, in business-to business telecommunications, customer experience has become the single biggest factor driving customer loyalty, and therefore revenue growth for more

WLAN, Bluetooth and DECT explained
13. July 2021

Most people are familiar with the terms WLAN, DECT and Bluetooth, and for many they are indispensable in everyday life. But only a few really understand how WLAN, the Bluetooth connection, or the DECT telephone work. What are the technologies behind them, and what’s possibly to blame when they don’t work? We’ll explain! Probably the more

Camera Day 2021: Of moon cameras and possible moon smartphones
29. June 2021

The U.S. is planning a manned return to the moon in 2024. Astronauts are to then set up a camp that people can live in. And there is to be a telephone link to the moon that’s already in place by the end of 2022. That’s what the Finnish company Nokia has promised NASA. The more

Dog in the office: Our four-legged friends boost our health and are also beneficial for companies
24. June 2021

The day Germany returns in greater numbers to the office is nearing as the pandemic continues to abate. When the nationwide “emergency brake” ends, the obligation to work from home will officially last until June 30 – and, after some initial skepticism, many employees have discovered a number of advantages of working in their own more

Working in 2021: Four digital workplace trends in the year ahead
30. March 2021

This post about Digital Workplace Trends was published on LinkedIn on 21 January by Ralf Lueb. The post can be viewed, liked and shared at this link. 2020 saw far-reaching changes for many of us. A lack of contact and physical community has left its mark not only on many people’s private lives, but also more

Gigaset tops BILD consumer survey
16. February 2021

The new study, conducted for the first time by the ServiceValue analysis institute in cooperation with the BILD daily newspaper, investigated which companies are often recommended by consumers. In this study, Gigaset was awarded the rating “highly recommended” in the category “Security”. ServiceValue and the BILD daily newspaper recently announced the results of their study more

Focus on sustainability: Gigaset launches grass packaging
2. June 2020

Packaging waste is a growing annoyance for consumers and companies in the context of sustainability and greater ecological awareness. The main focus of that is on plastics. However, every type of packaging leaves its ecological footprint and impacts, for example, the CO2 emissions a company produces. Gigaset is therefore taking a further step in its more

ImevP1ay! – Secure online
12. November 2019

Germans spend an average of three hours a day online – not only at work, but also at home. Whether on a smartphone, tablet or desktop PC, the Internet has become a vital part of our everyday life – for checking bus schedules, booking rail tickets or quickly paying a bill by bank transfer. Yet more