Playing and learning: Sensible apps for kids
6. September 2022

Part 3: Early teens The early teens are an exciting time for children. They leave primary school and go on to secondary school. They meet new people, become more independent – and many of them get their own smartphone. That’s something most teenagers have been looking forward to eagerly for years. According to a recent more

Pack your swimming trunks – or: the best apps for the summer
30. August 2022

Just twelve weeks, if we’re lucky: Summer in Central Europe is short. That’s why many of us extend it by going on vacation in the spring or fall. Yet, especially in the time of coronavirus, holidaying is not always the fun experience it should be. Various regulations, canceled flights and entire hotels under quarantine make more

Total concentration: The best focus apps
25. August 2022

Unfinished household chores, the children or even the TV distract your attention when you’re working from home. And in the office, it’s the latest stories from colleagues, Facebook or the constant temptation of coffee. And no matter where you are, as digitalization increases, so too do the opportunities to be get distracted – especially through more

Playing and learning: Sensible apps for kids
12. August 2022

Part 2: Primary school age The topic of smartphones for children of primary school age raises a lot of conflicts. Most of them don’t even have one of their own. But they find the digital world incredibly fascinating. No wonder: At this age, children are also discovering the world outside their families. And they’re just more

Flip phones have a cult following and also a clear message – less is more
10. August 2022

For many users today, flip phones are timelessly cool, the expression of a spirit of the times and an attitude to life that is self-determined and free of constraints, that prefers understatement and embraces minimalism. For others, flip phones are a relic of days gone by, impractical and totally uncool, unsuitable for surfing, streaming or more

Traffic jam in sight – these apps help
8. August 2022

As is the case every year, the German automobile club ADAC expects particularly long tailbacks in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg to coincide with the start of the summer holidays. Drivers are facing “one of the worst weekends for congestion of the season,” warned the ADAC in Munich. “Anyone who doesn’t want to be stuck in a more

Power bank: The mobile charging station for smartphones
3. August 2022

It’s the same with electric cars: Smartphones also have to be plugged in regularly to a charging station so as to “refuel” – and more and more that’s done using a power bank. More than half of smartphone users (57 percent) get nervous when they notice that the battery will soon be empty. And just more

The Game of Kings: Become a master with these five chess apps
1. August 2022

It’s maybe 3,000 years old, is played on every continent in different variations, and there are more than 318 trillion possible positions after just four moves: Chess is a fascinating game. In the Middle Ages, it was even considered a knightly virtue to master what is known as the Game of Kings. After all, it more

Playing and learning: Sensible apps for kids
14. July 2022

Part 1: Pre-school age There has never been a generation like today’s children that has grown up with so many technical and media possibilities open to them. They’re genuine digital natives. Using digital media and smartphones is nothing unusual for them from a very early age. An amusing and striking illustration of that is the more