Smartphones are being used longer and longer: Replacement only after 40 months
9. May 2022

“The best is the newest. At first glance, that’s true. And sometimes you need the latest thing very urgently,” wrote the FAZ in 2014. Today, consumers keep a smartphone for up to 40 months before buying a new one. What is changing in consumer behaviour and why? Our blog post takes a closer look at more

Mobile gaming: the smartphone becomes the most popular gaming device
22. April 2022

What do people do when they’re confined to home in the age of Covid-19? They play computer games on their smartphone. The German magazine Stern reports that “professional gamblers played for prize money of six million US dollars (or around 5.07 million euros) at the 2021 PUBG Mobile Global Championship from November 2021 to January more

Smartphone lenses: take photos like a pro
8. April 2022

Cellphone pictures in professional quality? Smartphone lenses make it possible with little effort and low cost. It was just 15 years ago that smartphones conquered everyday life as practical all-rounders. But back then, their cameras had an image resolution of just two megapixels. And we’d better not talk about exposure times. Today, smartphone cameras have more

In Germany, screen time increases to 10 hours per day
1. March 2022

In Germany, almost 67 million people were using the internet in 2021 – 100 per cent of those under 50, 95 per cent of the group between 50 and 69 and 77 per cent of those aged 70 and over. This is the result of a current ARD/ZDF Online Study.  The screen time is correspondingly more

New study shows that many Germans don’t want a new smartphone
4. January 2022

A new cell phone every year? More and more Germans aren’t going along with that anymore, as a new survey shows. Half of the respondents also want to continue using their cell phone once their current contract runs out. Older customers in particular remain loyal to their smartphone. Do consumers remain loyal to their phone more

Digital photos, analog browsing – create photo books on your smartphone
13. December 2021

It’s Christmas Eve: After the gifts have been opened, the family is sitting together, there are cookies, mulled wine… and the photo albums are brought out again. It’s moments like these that make Christmas what it is and evoke a feeling of nostalgia and warmth in us all. Yet such albums don’t have to be more

Paying by smartphone is gaining in popularity
12. August 2021

If you’re basking on a mild summer’s evening in one of the many cafés in Stockholm’s city center and then want to use the Swedish krona while paying the bill, you might well be in for a disappointment. You now see more and more signs with the words “Vi hantar ej kontanter” there – telling more

The best smartphone apps for the garden
6. August 2021

During lockdown, when it was hardly possible to travel, the garden or balcony soon became a small oasis. Many finally found the time to attend to their garden or the balcony. After years of putting it off, herbs were finally planted, flowers sown, and vegetables cultivated. But what happens now, as the hectic of everyday more

Spending free time on the smartphone
4. August 2021

Modern smartphones are genuine all-rounders. Most people couldn’t imagine everyday life any more without a smartphone, since there’s practically nothing you can’t do with them. For instance, the smartphone offers the opportunity to stay in contact at all times and anywhere with the family and closest friends. And in the meantime, it has become a more