Barbecue Apps: How the smartphone becomes the chief master barbecue assistant
16. June 2022

The world remains in a bad way, but the weather’s improving. As a result, the pandemic is abating, and we also have to heat the home less. So just take a deep breath and get the barbecue on. We’ve earned it. Who doesn’t pine for grilled food? And now is the season for that. Germans more

Waiting for the big breakthrough: the smartphone app on prescription
31. May 2022

Actually, it was a good idea that then Minister of Health Jens Spahn came up with when he launched the “app on prescription” at the end of 2019. Lauded by him as a world’s first, there were high expectations among the persons responsible. The digital health app, or DiGA for short, was to become a more

Smartphones: What to do when the storage is full?
27. May 2022

It’s a situation we all know: Objects that are in the way, haven’t been used for a long time or take up too much living space often end up in the attic or basement. And they lie there and keep on lying there. Now at the latest it’s time to ask the question of all more

What’s the best food waste app?
19. May 2022

It sounds unbelievable: In 2020, 2.5 billion tons of food were thrown away instead of ending up on the plate. That equates to 40 percent of the food produced worldwide, according to the results of a WWF study. And because that figure is so incredible, the authors have added a stark image to illustrate it. more

Smartphones are being used longer and longer: Replacement only after 40 months
9. May 2022

“The best is the newest. At first glance, that’s true. And sometimes you need the latest thing very urgently,” wrote the FAZ in 2014. Today, consumers keep a smartphone for up to 40 months before buying a new one. What is changing in consumer behaviour and why? Our blog post takes a closer look at more

Mobile gaming: the smartphone becomes the most popular gaming device
22. April 2022

What do people do when they’re confined to home in the age of Covid-19? They play computer games on their smartphone. The German magazine Stern reports that “professional gamblers played for prize money of six million US dollars (or around 5.07 million euros) at the 2021 PUBG Mobile Global Championship from November 2021 to January more

Smartphone lenses: take photos like a pro
8. April 2022

Cellphone pictures in professional quality? Smartphone lenses make it possible with little effort and low cost. It was just 15 years ago that smartphones conquered everyday life as practical all-rounders. But back then, their cameras had an image resolution of just two megapixels. And we’d better not talk about exposure times. Today, smartphone cameras have more

The smartphone as a toolbox: 5 practical apps for DIY enthusiasts
29. March 2022

Those who can still remember a time without smartphones may also remember the nineties cult sitcom “Listen to Who’s Hammering”. Long before do-it-yourself or DIY became a megatrend, Tim Allen impersonated the handyman king Tim Taylor. He hosts the do-it-yourself programme “Tool Time”. In the process, he usually fails magnificently in his presentations and his more

Digital Wanderlust – or the best hiking apps for smartphones
24. March 2022

Wanderlust is a very German word. It describes the desire to conquer the world on foot – that is, with the strength of one’s own legs. And the word seems so appropriate that several languages have adopted it in their own vocabulary. Nowadays, when you go hiking, you always have your smartphone with you. So more