Saving energy in the smart home: combating exploding energy prices with smart helpers for the home
17. January 2023

Using resources sustainably is playing an increasingly important role for more and more people. Exploding energy costs and the risk of an energy price shock in winter, however, create whole new realities. Modern technologies can help save energy, which is probably why smart plugs are among the declared favorite products in the smart home. Some more

matter: Gigaset and the future potential for the smart home
18. October 2022

As a member of the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA), Gigaset has been involved in the introduction of the new matter standard from the very beginning. Like other leading smart home manufacturers, Gigaset will equip future smart home bases with matter, giving customers freedom of choice when using sensors from different manufacturers. A few days ago, more

Saving electricity with Smart Home: why the digital helpers are becoming increasingly popular
29. September 2022

Energy prices are rising and the fall is approaching: Just about all consumers are faced with the question of how they can save heat and electricity. Smart home technologies play an important role in this context. The number of people who want to increase energy efficiency in their homes and reduce consumption with the aid more

Gigaset becomes a partner in Home Connect Plus – Unlimited Smart Home freedom
23. August 2022

For about 1.5 years, Home Connect Plus has been an app that makes it possible to link different smart home devices and complete systems from different manufacturers and to control them centrally. The aim of the central platform for a wide variety of smart home devices and solutions is to generate enormous combination and application more

Saving energy with the smart home: Defying rising prices
15. August 2022

The news coming from the energy markets isn’t good. The aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic, the energy transition and, last but not least, the war in Ukraine are driving up energy prices. Consequently, many people are already anxiously awaiting how high their new payments on account for their utility bill will be. However, the inevitable more

Smart solutions for greater security and convenience for seniors in the smart home
26. July 2022

Germany currently has the second-oldest population in the world, with 21% (or around 17.5 million citizens) aged 65 and above. About 6.2 million of those over 65 are single, including about 5.8 million who live alone, according to the Federal Statistical Office. An aging society means the total number of senior households has increased significantly. more

Gigaset Prime Time: Get 30% off all Smart Home products with the 2022 summer promotion!
13. July 2022

Already enjoying that summer feeling? With temperatures of up to 30 degrees, dreams of white beaches and crystal-clear water can no longer be suppressed. For many, summer holidays are just around the corner, but despite all the anticipation, many people are also worried about the home they will leave behind while on holiday. Is my more

Efficient, flexible, convenient: Gigaset Smart Home offers intelligent solutions for your own four walls
21. June 2022

Gigaset has operated in the smart home arena since 2012. What began as a security solution was expanded a little later to include convenience and energy management features. Gigaset now offers a versatile, convenient and efficient system for a wide range of different applications. The new explainer video presents its advantages in a few minutes. more

Cut heating costs and save energy – with a smart home
25. January 2022

Energy and heating are making headlines and the CO2 price is rising. We face a 13% increase in heating costs in 2021 according to a forecast by co2online, a non-profit consulting company. That’s no surprise – the heating is the biggest energy guzzler in the home and also causes by far the highest CO2 emissions. more

Smart Security in Gigaset’s Smart Home
21. January 2022

“When Nate Roman arrived home from work, he noticed immediately that something was wrong. Someone had clearly entered his house in Marlborough, Massachusetts (about a 40-minute drive west of Boston) while he’d been away. But this person hadn’t stripped his house, they’d cleaned it! The 44-year-old wasn’t confronted with the home owner’s nightmare – ransacked more

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